Travel Tip #3 – Tips When Flying With Babies

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Travel Tip #3 – Tips When Flying With Babies

Flying with babies, especially for first time parents, can be a challenge, and even seasoned parents agree that this will need extra attention to detail, and here are the top 5 things you should take note of.


1. Pack What You Need and Then Some: The last thing you want to happen when you've got a delayed flight is to end up in the airport with a crying baby on a wet diaper screaming for milk and you don't have any. So never mind that you've got heavier and bulkier bags, be sure to pack enough for what you need and then some.


2. Bring Both Toys and Treats: You want to keep your little luggage preoccupied during the flight and save yourself the embarrassment of getting the cold stare from all the other passengers because you have a baby throwing a tantrum on your lap.


3. Buy Extra Legroom: If you can afford it, extra legroom really helps if you have a lap child, and it gives more space to store your diaper bag.


4. Charge Your Gadgets: You may survive a flight with your phone dead but a fully charged phone or ipad will go a long way in keeping the tiny tot preoccupied.


5. Make Accommodation for Airport Drop Off and Pick Up: Riding a Taxi or commuting by train or bus can be taxing for a little traveler so it is best to keep them comfortable at all times. Get a chauffeur service that cares for your tiny tots by making the necessary effort to prepare a car seat. Complete your travel plans, book with Gr8Limo now!

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