Travel Tip #2 – Carry On Luggage Guidelines

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Travel Tip #2 – Carry On Luggage Guidelines

In 2006 TSA has released a guideline on what you can and cannot bring in your carry on luggage. In case you have not seen this before, here's the list again:

Prohibited Items


Weapons cannot be brought on a plane as a carry on, and must be packed under specific guidelines if checking in. Other items which can be considered as a weapon, such as sharp objects are also banned as carry on items.


Toiletries: What you need to know


The best rule of thumb would be to think that smaller is better. It is a SOP for airline passengers not to place liquids and toiletries in their carry-on luggage. To make the line faster, these should be placed in a clear plastic bag for easy and fast inspection. Generally all bottles placed in this bag be 3.4 oz. or less and not more than one bag should be carried in each passenger. But for passengers who bring with them medication and baby formula items, they are allowed of an excess baggage. To speed up the inspection process it is best to declare these items once you get to security.


Alcoholic beverages, lighters, etc.


There are also liquor regulations for transporting alcohol beverages in an air flight. Typically, no more than 70% alcohol content of drinks must be placed in checked baggage. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased after a person goes through the security checkpoint are permitted. Lighters, after having been banned aboard flights throughout the country, are now permitted to be packed in carry-on luggage. Airlines also prohibit passengers of placing regular matches in checked luggage. People who would like to carry matches must purchase the safety variety. If you have questions for some other items not mentioned above, you can call the airline customer support and ask about the company's other carry-on baggage policies. This will set your mind free from any hassle regarding long process of luggage inspections in the airport terminal.


With these in mind, enjoy your travel, and we'd be happy to chauffer you to the airport and back.

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