Tip #4 – Corporate Travel

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Tip #4 – Corporate Travel


Here's a list of helpful corporate travel tips as well as advice for business travel that we'd like to share with you.



1. Schedule your meetings to avoid peak travel times. Whenever possible, travel on dates when there are no huge events or holidays to avoid a more expensive ticket and an overcrowded airport.



2. Restricted fares may allow changes for a fee which would still be more budget friendly than the flexible ticket. Check with you airline for a thse ticket options that allows changes that way you have the flexibility to reschedule your flights less the fees.



3. Join airline loyalty schemes and collect points for free flights and upgrades. You can use your miles for a free ticket, a seat upgrade or other perks once you have accumulated enough.



4. Always book hotels in advance to save up to 50%. If you have planned your travel well ahead, book the hotel as soon as you book your airline tickets,



5. Get a trusted chauffeur to manage your travel to and from the airport. Having a trusted chauffeur means you have less things to worry about, and you know you will get to the airport on time. Book with Gr8Limo, where your comfort and travel needs are our primary concern.

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