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Saving on Airport ride

It is human nature to save money on absolutely everything. Whether it’s a new hand bag or a luxury vehicle saving hard-earned dollars is number one priority. Unfortunately, saving few dollars on a car service to the Airport can lead to disaster and loss of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Limousine service is not a product you buy, it’s “service” you invest in. More you invest, more peace of mind you will have on the day of travel.
Since limos don’t run on meter or charge per person, rates are different and based on preferred vehicle type and quality of service.

What is “service” in a limousine world?

Often, people get confused between service of the vehicle and service delivered by drivers. Any reputable company invest good amount of dollars into finding, checking background and drug testing, training quality drivers. Quality drivers are expecting to be highly payed. They are the one who deliver quality of service directly to you.

Rule of saving is simple.

As soon as you mention word “cheap”, any company with good standing will get offensive. Cheap does not fit into their service. Only company that uses old and beat-up cars with ripped seats and french fries all over the floor, operated by unreliable drivers who simply don’t care about service because they don’t even know what that is. These drivers don’t get paid to deliver! Saving money and reserving cheap ride to the Airport increasing your possibly of missing flight.

How much you should expect to pay for reliable car service.

Many tools are available these days at your fingertips. One of the best tools is distance calculator. By entering your pick up location and destination you will be given how many miles from point A to point B. Take that number and multiply by 3. This is a price if you were to pay for a yellow cab running on meter. Add additional $1 per mile and you would have approximate idea on how much car service would cost. Don’t expect to have limo service for same price. Take under consideration one rule: 95% of the time limo goes one way empty and customer pays for that time. If, for instance, it takes 2 hours from your residence to the Airport, car service price will be calculated based on 4 hours.

If you need company in Los Angeles that has reasonable rates, latest model vehicles, highly trained drivers delivering nothing but the best, schedule you next trip to LAX Airport with Gr8limo.

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