On demand app rides vs reserved limo

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On demand app rides vs reserved limo

What would we do without today’s technology. From ordering pizza to paying for you favorite drink at Starbucks is available with a touch of a button on your phone. Having a car service arriving at your doorsteps within few minutes is no different.

Uber and Lyft (aka pink mustache cars) are just a Hailing on-demand carfew app-based car service providers offering on-demand transportation using your smart phone. While Uber is using taxi-like technology where your fare is calculated on distance and time, Lyft is operating based on your donations. Are they safe and legal? The answer is Yes and No.

According to California law, any company that provides transportation for hire must have all their vehicles commercially licensed and insured. UberBlack hires companies and individuals with legal cars while UberX and Lyft uses individuals with their personal vehicles. Neither Uber nor Lyft have any responsibilities if something happen to you (customer) while in one of the vehicles owned by the driver. Non of their cars and legally licensed and have limited liability insurance which doesn’t cover you, passenger, in event of an accident.
Police at the Airports are on the lookout for illegal operators. Lyft require all drivers to remove pink mustache and sit people on the front seat to avoid being spotted by cops when heading to the airport. All drivers are operating at their own risk. App-based companies are not responsible if driver will get arrested and vehicle confiscated for operating illegally. They are the middle-man with purpose to connect riders and drivers.

If you have a latest model small-size car regardless of model and color, valid drivers license and insurance you can work for any of those companies. There is no requirement of city knowledge, speaking English, criminal background check or drug and alcohol testing. Simply put…you get in the car with total stranger, hoping everything will be ok and you will not robbed or raped.

Having car service reserved in advance with limousine company directly will not save you few dollars but it will give you peace of mind knowing you will be driven by safe and professional driver carefully screened and trained to provide customer service you are paying for.

Book with Gr8limo, company you can rely on for reliability, luxury service, and variety of licensed and insured vehicles in our fleet.

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