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, Executive Transportation, Private and Business travel in LA, LAX Airport Limo Service with Luxury Sedan and SUV vehicles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides most common questions, we included some of Q&A’s from recent interview we did for local magazine.

Q. Where are you based?

A. We are based on the border of Tarzana and Encino in San Fernando Valley.

Q. Do you operate only locally?
A. We provide chauffeured services from any part of Los Angeles County and LA Airports to any
    city in San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, San Fernando Valley,
    Santa Clarita, San Bernardino County, all cities in Palm Desert Area, Riverside County,
    Orange County, San Diego County. We even go to Las Vegas!
Q. Which Airports do you service?
A. We service Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Burbank – Bob Hope Airport (BUR) as well as all Private Aviation/FBO’s
   at LAX, BUR, VNY, SMO, CMA Airfields.
Q. What vehicles do you operate?
A. Many new customers are asking us if we have any cheap vehicles to save some money.
    We do not own any old and retired from other companies vehicles. Every customer,
    traveling with us is transported in the latest model luxury vehicle to ensure safety and reliability on
    the road.
Q. Do you consider yourself a Limo Service or Car Service?
A. Both. We still provide transportation using cars :), only Luxury Limo cars.
Q. Why do you call Sedan vehicle a Limo, if it’s not a Stretch?
A. According to Wikipedia: Any luxury vehicle with extended wheelbase or factory stretched vehicle
    is qualified as a Limo. If we take for example Lincoln Town Car Sedan, Ford Motors makes
    them in two versions: Standard (Short Wheelbase) and Livery Package (L Series with 6
    inch extended wheelbase). Town Car L Series offers rear-seat passengers extra legroom and
    additional comfort features. This is one of the vehicles we use in our fleet.
Q. What type of services do you provide?
A. We provide Airport Transfers, Town-to-Town Trips, Hourly Rentals, and Customer Directed
    (As Directed) Trips. We also provide Private Chauffeur Services, giving customers ability to hire
     a chauffeur with the vehicle on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Q. Can customers make a reservation online?
A. Yes! Besides online reservations, the customer can find rates and submit quotes for a rate.
    Also, company and individual can create an online account with us. This handy tool allows
    people to make new reservations and modify them, store credit cards, names and addresses.
    In other words, customers can run their limousine business without making a single phone call.
Q. Do you provide mostly Corporate Transportation or Private?
A. We do both. Our Corporate clients become Private and Private become Corporate.
Q. What does that mean?
A. We transport Corporate Executives, then transport their families and visa versa. After some time,
     we become part of their family.
Q. Do you offer a Corporate discount?
A. Some companies do qualify for a corporate discount and some of them don’t. Every new Corporate
    Account has two months of an evaluation process. If account generates and keeps expected volume,
    we will provide this company with discount.
Q. How competitive are your Rates?
A. We don’t compete with other companies in Rates, we compete in Service! Our cost of Chauffeured
     Services is priced accordantly to Customer Service we deliver. We specialize in hard-to-please
     clientele with high expectations. Customers, who won’t settle for less than perfect,
     every time…all the time.
Q. What if I just need a ride and don’t want to spend more money on Service?
A. First of all, You don’t spend money on Service….You invest in it. You don’t spend money on plane
    ticket, vacation, or a business meeting you are flying to attend. How wisely You choose your
    Transportation Provider, depends on whether the rest of trip be a success or complete failure.
    There are plenty of companies out there who deliver just that – “Rides”. Companies, that are worse
    than yellow cabs with filthy, old, smelly, and not maintained cars, underpaid rude drivers who have
    no idea what they doing and where they are going. At the end, You may not notice those leftover French
    fries on the floor, because your ride simply didn’t show up.
                Deep inside your head, You need Service!. You want assurance that car will be there and
    on time to pick you up. You want to be transported in a new car, car that’s freshly washed and
    immaculately clean inside. You want a professional chauffeur to operate it, someone, who is polite,
    friendly, knowledgeable. All this, is a part of Service.
Q. You keep saying “Chauffeur” not “Driver”. What is the difference between two?
A. Taxi, Shuttle and most Limo company operators are just Drivers. To become a Chauffeur, Driver
     must study and have enough experience not only to operate the vehicle but be able to deliver best
     Customer Service to High-End Clientele. When you graduate from Driver’s University with the master’s
    degree, you can carry a Chauffeur title.
Q. Everything said, sounds pretty expansive. Is It?
A. It is expansive, yet affordable. For a person, who values travel, we are the perfect fit.
Q. If the customer decides to book with you, What should they expect?
A. On time arrivals, latest model vehicles clean vehicles, professional and knowledgeable chauffeur,
    best customer service, complimentary bottled water, latest upscale magazines to read, and lots
    of smiles.
Q. Have you ever let the customer down?
A. Yes, once. Our management software company was running system updates and something went
     wrong. Some of the existing reservations automatically changed to a different date. This caused
     us to miss the first-time customer.
Q. How did you handle this situation?
A. That is a very interesting story. PA (Personal Assistant) of this client, found us on Yelp.
     Based on our five-star reviews, she decided to give us a try. We failed! I took the heat from PA
     and the Client. It was not a pleasant experience and cost us the first negative review on Yelp.
     We truly value every review customers leave. I apologized dozen times to both of them and beg
     them to give us another chance. I offered complimentary trip but did not get any respond.
     Few months later, same PA, contacted us to take advantage of a free offer. We did best we could,
     to satisfy this customer, and succeeded. Our rating star changed from 1 to 3. We kept trying more
     until it changed to 5 star. Now, same PA and a client, keep referring us to other companies.
Q. Who is your Best Customer?
A. We practice strict customer confidentiality, so no names. I always have one answer to this question:
     You Are my Best Customer! Every paying customer is the best customer.
Q. What message would you like to sent to your potential customers?
A. Do Your Homework! Know before you Go! Most common mistake people make, is when they shop
    for the cheaper price. I don’t have a camera installed in your house or office, but I know exactly how you
    do your search. You go on Google and type: Car service from (your house or office) to
    (where ever your destination is). Now, that you have a list of different companies, you go one-by-one
    calling them to get their prices. Whoever offers the cheaper price, will be the winner….done deal!
                90% of people never do additional research on that specific company they just booked with.
    What if they have the worst-possible reputation and long history of not showing up? All your invested
    money into further travel arrangements is going to waste. You get burned on cheap price. Next time
    you go on Google, you will be making the same mistake again, search for the cheap price. It will go on
    and on until you start investing your money and settle on one company, the company you will stay
    with and refer to others.
Call us at            (855)478-5466      , we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.
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